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Performance & Quality
Performance & Quality
Protects Chassis and Motor, Reduces wear and Eliminates Noises.

Marine Protector


946 cm3

Bar Code: 7590009000475
CPE – SENCAMER: 0809173835
Reference: PTPMA-011

National Distribution

Marine Protector - 946 cm3 x 12 Units

Height: 24 cm / Long: 36 cm
Width: 24,5 cm / Weight: 10,3 kg

General Characteristics

With state-of-the-art technology applied to high quality and performance, fulfilling the demands of your vehicle.

On the top (engine) and bottom of your vehicle (chassis) as a protector and lubricant, it avoids the formation of oxidations, rusts formed by salty particles.

It cleans and protects tires, joints, bushings, chassis parts and parts, reduces wear by eliminating noise.

  • Basic mineral oils | Dispersing additives Fragrance.
  • Anti-corrosive and antioxidant products.
  • Special polymers (prevents the formation of rust in the Chassis).

Minimum Boiling Point: 100ºC

Density: 0,898g/ml

It does not present Impurities.

Technical Sheet TDS:


SDS Security Sheet:

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