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Performance & Quality
Performance & Quality

About Us

Historical Review

FLUVECA is a VENEZUELAN MANUFACTURING Company founded in August 2003 in the city of Maracay, in the San Jacinto Industrial park, with projection for manufacturing of automotive, industrial and domestic fluids, focused on producing and marketing high performance and excellent quality products, “Made in Venezuela for the global Market”.

In our first stage we were manufacturing products such as: Refrigerants, Shampoo, Wipers cleaner liquid and Demineralized Water. In the year 2006 we incorporated the DOT3 and DOT4 Brake Fluid elaborated under current international and national regulations. So too, in the year 2010, the Shower and Marine Protector joined the product portfolio.

Due to the commercial growth and development of our “VF” brand, as a strategy competitive in 2012 the company’s directive, sets the commitment of install the new plant in an industrial park in Urb. La Morita Aragua stated, to increase the manufacturing capacity and distribution of VF products, thereby strengthening operations, strengthening the marketing throughout  Venezuela and being  presence in countries such as Costa Rica, Bolivia and USA.

For the year 2014 the first exports of Liquids for brakes begin in Isotanques, by 2015 the capacity of the plant is increased when we increased our storage capacity  for ​​raw materials, supplies and finished product.

In 2016, the first exports of finished products were made with our brand “VF” and exports are maintained during the following years (2017 and 2018) both of finished product, and  bulk product.

In mid-2017, an improvement process begins to take shape organization in the search for ISO 9001: 2015 certification, with the adoption of a Quality Management System that leads the company to improve continuously the levels of quality and productivity of the processes and products, with a trained and highly committed staff to carry out our company to be a leader in the field of your business.


Development, manufacture and commercialization of automotive fluids. for the global market, guaranteeing interested parties a successful decision.


To be a national reference company and an important presence in the global market for automotive fluids.


Commitment and ethics at work; respect and safety for collaborators; continuous improvement; recognition of achievement; relationship win-win with stakeholders.

Quality Politics

Venezuelan fluids, C.A. manufacturer of automotive fluids, is committed to training our collaborators to develop our quality management system, satisfy the legal requirements, regulations and national standards international of our processes and products; through a safe work environment, teamwork, technology, innovation and continuous improvement of our processes.