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Performance & Quality
Performance & Quality
Protects Chassis and Motor, Reduces Wear and Eliminates Noises

Marine Graffiti Shower


946 cm3

Bar Code: 7590009000314
CPE – SENCAMER: 0108145052
Reference: PTPMA-011

National Distribution

Marine Graffiti Shower - 946 cm3 x 12 Units

Height: 24 cm / Long: 36 cm
Width: 24,5 cm / Weight: 10,3 kg

General Characteristics

With state-of-the-art technology applied to high quality and performance, fulfilling the demands of your vehicle.

In the lower part of your vehicle (chassis) as protector, the graphite film allows the protection that prevents the formation of oxidations, rust formed by salty particles in the chassis.

It cleans and protects tires, joints, bushings, chassis parts and parts, reduces wear by eliminating noise.

  • Basic mineral oils | Dispersing additives | Fragrance.
  • Anti-corrosive and antioxidant products.
  • Special polymers (prevents the formation of rust in the Chassis).

Minimum Boiling Point: 100ºC

Density: 0,898g/ml

It does not present Impurities.

Technical Sheet TDS:


SDS Security Sheet:

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