For Batteries

Desmineralized Water


1 Gallon

Bar Code: 7590009000253
CPE – SENCAMER: 0807134839
Reference: PTADE-014

700 cm3

Bar Code: 7590009000147
CPE – SENCAMER: 0507130542
Reference: PTADE-007

National Distribution

Desmineralized Water - 700 cm3 x 12 Units

Height: 25,4 cm / Long: 36 cm
Width: 25 cm / Weight: 9 kg

Desmineralized Water - 1 Gallon x 4 Units

Height: 31 cm / Long: 36 cm
Width: 25 cm / Weight: 14,5 kg

Advanced product, obtained from the Industrial process of water demineralization, with high quality treatment plants with preservatives and bactericides, complying with the manufacturer’s requirements.

Recommended for accumulators or batteries of fluid complement and to dilute concentrated refrigerants.

Boiling Point: 100ºC

Specific Weight: 1Kg/Lts

Hardness: 0,1ppm

pH: 6,81

Chlorides: 0,2ppm Does not contain abrasives

Sulfites: 0,0ppm

Silicate: 0,0ppm

Phosphates: 0,0ppm

Dissolved Solids: 0,2ppm

SDS Security Sheet:

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